1. Customer Survey/Short listing/Enrolment

AMP’s experienced team conduct proper survey of various types of industrial and commercial consumers study their load pattern and help them assess their DR potential, appraise them on DR program and help them understanding the concept and its benefits well. Working closely with the utilities, the AMP team enrolls qualified and interested participants in the program by executing participation agreements. Each participating customer agreement is customized based on the customer’s capabilities and participating terms.

2. Infrastructure Development

AMP has wide experience in infrastructure development for DR Program which consists of installing modems at consumer site and establishing AMP’s DR Server-cum-Network Operations Centre (NOC) so as to receive the meter data in real time. This data can be accessed by consumers as well as utilities by logging in to DR portal through their particular Login Ids and Passwords.

3. DR Aggregation

AMP acts as an Aggregator for the end consumers and help obtaining demand response to provide the load reduction and relief to the grid at the peak load times.

4. Advisory and Consultancy Services

AMP provides consultancy and advisory services to end users, grid operators and utilities in the field of demand response, energy conservation, energy management and energy efficiency projects and helps them identify and quantify energy as well as well money saving opportunities.

5. Analysis of DR Events and Report Preparation

AMP analyse the DR event based on the data collected from meters, industries etc and also provide the daily, weekly and monthly reports to the stakeholders as required.

6. Technology Support

AMP will provide the technology support to SLDCs, Discoms as well as the consumers for the proper implementation of the DR program complete in all respects.