AMP Energy Services is a start up venture of highly skilled and experienced professionals of Power Sector, with right mix of international experience in area of demand response, local perspective of Indian power sector as well as working experience in control and automation technologies in power industry and energy efficiency.

AMP Energy provides a set of products and services that address India’s energy challenges by helping utilities and industrial & commercial consumers optimize energy consumption and management and hence, maximize new sources of revenue and stabilize the electric grid by participating in demand response programmes. It helps in mitigating the stress on grid during peak load. Our system helps utilities manage demand in cost effective manner, improve system reliability, prevent blackouts and increase electricity system delivery capacity. 

In addition to offer solutions, the company provides advisory & consultancy services and provides smart technology solutions to consumers, utilities and grid operators to help identify and quantify energy as well as well money saving opportunities. Since, the development of demand response projects involves a number of stages, all of which require careful planning and analysis. Hence, AMP’s extensive experience on Demand Response will help through every stage - from initial conceptualisation, through required technology deployment and training to operational launch and subsequently in monitoring, measurement and verification phase.