Benefits to the Participants


Demand response programs help utilities improve system reliability, prevent blackouts and brownouts, increase electricity system delivery capacity, and more cost-effectively utilize investments in new infrastructure. However, new challenges posed by the rise in sustainability programs, increasing government regulations and the evolving smart grid will require demand response programs to evolve to accommodate these complexities.

Grid Operators

When system experiences the large peaks in the demand, there is the greater risk to the reliability of the grid. Demand response is a vital tool for Grid operators to mitigate potential grid failures during peak by reduction of demand from consumer side. Hence, Demand response helps in maintaining the grid frequency as desired.

Industrial & Commercial Consumers

As one of the largest operational costs for businesses, energy must be used efficiently and cost effectively. The unpredictable energy costs can hurt the industrial and commercial consumer’s profit margin heavily. Energy cost puts a huge impact on cost sheet for businesses of all type and sizes. Optimisation of energy consumption in offices, operational assets and production processes will put money on your bottom line quickly and effectively. AMP’s solutions & services cater the customers need to reduce consumption, adhere to schedules, optimize operations, and achieve significant cost savings.


Due to huge demand & supply gap, the energy environment now a day is very unbalanced, unstable which results in the unpredictable nature of energy cost because they lack the real-time insight into their consumption that could enable them to optimize usage. AMP help residential consumers by providing with real-time and historic insights into their consumption patterns and help them take advantage of lower-cost, off-peak billing and reduced energy usage.